What Value Doth Saith a Man?

Man of Wisdom

Recently I had a great conversation with a beautiful, young, intelligent, and successful woman. We spoke over a candlelit sushi dinner and with just the right background music playing overhead. Her smile was radiant and her sense of humor was refreshing. She had a confidence about herself that shone through her lovely skin tone. And as we mused about our days and life and fun times she then popped me the question – What can a man offer a successful woman like herself besides his muscles and a dick?

Uh, what, huh?  Come again (no pun intended)?

I stammered as I searched for the answers. Mind you, she was not referring to me as we are merely friends (I think?). But her line of questioning did put me on the hot seat for a moment. I was not ready for the conversation to take this type of turn, but it…

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Writing Under Pressure

It seems I have found myself needing to write often and typically it’s under the gun – an old fashioned “don’t miss your deadline” type of pressure. It isn’t the writer’s block variety, either where you can’t muster up thoughts and language. I just have to learn how to handle the pressure.

Do you struggle with this as well? Would you like some pointers? For those that have ideas can you comment with your suggestions?

Let’s help each other through these wonderful writing experiences.

A much obliged Writer in Distress.

A Weekending Funny

I’ve always been told I have a distinctively nice voice. However, after meeting people face to face I get that puzzled look, they’re expecting me to look more like Denzel and less like Carlton. But watch out when I use this sexy ass voice on ya…bam! You won’t know what hit you. Until you realize it’s only Carlton.

Have a great weekend!