Guy Code Decoded! Must read for women!

Another great read!

The Hitt List

So Thursday I wrote a post titled Single? Then read this before you have sex! It was based on an article I stumbled upon while surfing the internet. The article itself was garbage but one of the guys commenting on the article was dropping some serious knowledge. I asked him if I could quote him for my blog and he happily agreed! Much to my surprise and pleasure he then came back to my blog post and dropped some MORE knowledge. It was so good, I had to share it as its own post.

You can see the original post for his full commentary but here are the highlights! Also, check him out at here!

What’s the deal with guy code?

Guy code is very much overrated. It basically implies that as long as we perpetuate certain stereotypes as men, we can lower the expectations of women just so we…

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