My Mental Health Plea

As I embark on this writing career and I think about what got me here I am reminded of the difficulties many of us writers face – mental illness including depression. In light of the great Robin Williams’ untimely death I welcome any awareness to the battles between our ears that can have profound impacts on our lives and the lives of others.


For me writing is deep discovery into my soul and uncovering some of the riches therein lie. However, it also exposes the demons I deal with and my attempt to control them. Writing is therapy, discovery, and imagination all wrapped up into one. It is an actionable release of internal ponderings producing beautiful or interesting results; sometimes even depressing or frightening.

Therefore, let us all learn the balance of using this skill / gift in a way that gives us and others everything they look for in the written word; yet, be aware of the dangers that might overtake our minds and plunge us into the depths of despair. Especially for us men, we don’t have enough outlets to deal with these challenges.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams.

Go well and with love good peeps.

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